Multipurpose Trolleys

Multipurpose Trolleys are extremely handy for gardening as they are both lightweight and versatile. They can be used as both an upright or flatbed garden trolley, great for carrying large bags of compost and fertilizer when upright, or potted plants, tools and other garden supplies when flat.

What makes these garden trolleys extra useful for gardening is having a four-wheeled design. With two extra wheels the gardener is able to lay the trolley horizontally and transform this ordinary locking sack trolley into a flatbed trolley, some models can also be used as a waste trolley when upright by allowing the fixture of a removable bag.

Whether you want to use these trolleys as a normal sack trolley or as a flatbed garden trolley they are easy to store when not being used, and can make transporting a variety of gardening supplies and loads a lot more comfortable.

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