Best Heavy Duty Garden Trolleys

Almost all types of garden trolleys including small, medium and large trolleys have heavy-duty models made with strong components to deal with continual wear and tear of rigorous use across various terrains.

The garden trolleys that have base meshes and drop sides use high-grade steel and hoppers that are made from polycarbonate variants or steel. While quality canvas, fabric or plastic bags are provided in some designs for waste collection.

Cart and tipper trolleys both have extremely durable pneumatic tyres that bear the brunt of the heavy load above along with the hard terrain below their surface. Their sturdy handles allow for a strong grip required to move maximum weight capacities that range from a 200-kg/440-lb tipper or trolley cart up to a massive 550-kg/1212-lb trolley cart depending on the design.

Other trolleys like caddys, garden waste collectors and hose trolleys that carry long garden hoses are also no exceptions, and all have tough heavy-duty inspired models.

Heavy-duty trolleys can be made from several types of materials such as wood, plastic and steel, but with frames, handles, axles and fittings made from sturdy components and accessories using a combination of one or more robust parts.

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Best Heavy-Duty Garden Trolley Cart

ImageTitleShort Description
VonHaus Garden Cart – Trolley, Trailer, Truck, Utility Wagon with...

MAKE LIGHT WORK OF HEAVY LOADS: Your garden projects just got a whole lot easier thanks to the VonHaus garden...

Best Heavy-Duty Tipper Dump Cart Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
Oypla Heavy Duty Green Garden Cart with Tipping Barrow Trolley

Official Oypla Branded Product - Brand New Free UK Delivery Steel Chassis, 4 Pneumatic Tyres Long Handle Enables The Cart To Be...

Best Heavy-Duty Caddy Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
Easy Go Garden Trolley 50-60 L Green

Pack of 1.

Best Heavy-Duty Folding Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
Oypla Red Heavy Duty Foldable Garden Festival Trolley Folding Cart...

Dimensions: 116 x 54 x 90cm Folded Dimensions: 77 x 50 x 20cm Load Capacity: 70kg - Coated Heavy Duty Steel...

Best Heavy-Duty Hose Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
HydroSure 150m Heavy Duty Hose Reel Cart with Basket

Height - 92cm / Width - 60cm / Length - 77cm Capacity: 13mm (1/2") = 150m / 19mm (3/4") = 90m...

Best Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Trolley

Best Heavy-Duty Plant Pot Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
UPP HEAVY DUTY Trolley for Plant Pots and Crates I...

Maximum weight supported: 400 kg!!! Excellent for carrying planters and drinks crates. With practical clasp to attach.

Best Heavy-Duty Platform Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
Charles Bentley Heavy Duty Folding Platform Trolley Truck 150kg

Features : Rubber edges to prevent damage, 4 wheels - 2 castor wheels and 2 swivel wheels, Pull down folding...

Best Heavy-Duty Toy Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
Deuba Wagon Kids Garden Cart Trolley Child Toys Games Pull...

The Deuba wagon is perfect for the garden, picnics or strolls Removable canopy for convenient loading, 4 profiled and air suspended...

Best Heavy-Duty Waste Trolley

ImageTitleShort Description
Gardena Garden mobil: Versatile trolley for the garden, with integrated...

Versatile: The garden carriage can be used as a sackcarrow and collecting garden waste Lots of storage space: With integrated trash...