Best Garden Waste Trolleys

Garden waste trolleys are a variant of a standard sack trolley, but are used to collect debris, leaves and other garden waste during regular cleaning and weeding tasks.

Available in different sizes with canvas, fabric or plastic collection bags of varying capacities, these two-wheeled units are fitted with lawn-friendly tyres that cause minimum damage to the landscape, and with handles to facilitate grip and movement while traversing the garden and paths.

Frames on some designs can come with powder coating finishes to endure regular use and impact of natural elements.

These upright models where the height can be adjusted are useful, not only making it more efficient to pull the trolley around, but also to effectively transport varying quantities of debris by using storage bags of appropriate sizes.

The bags that hold the waste are removable, making it easy to empty, clean and re-use. Some vertical models are also fitted with a plastic lid to avoid any spills, while others, sport detachable tool racks and trays.

Garden waste trolleys can vary in maximum load capacity starting at around 15-kg/33-lb of weight and going up to a 70-kg/154-lb trolley in a more heavy-duty design.

Best Garden Waste Trolleys

#ImageTitleShort Description
1 Nature Folding Garden Waste Trolley 6070405

Measures 30-inch (76 cm) wide x 47.5 cm (Dia x H) Volume: 160 l With 2 wheels

2 Catral Green Helper – Folding Container Trolley, 51 x 51 x 109 cm, Black

Useful and functional protection anti-UV and water resistant Environmentally friendly

3 G.F. Cart raccoglitutto gf sacktrolley c/cover

It can also be used for household packaging to be recycled. With its 2 wheels and handle, this mobile trolley will...

4 Claber Cart raccoglitutto PORTASACCO Carry Cart Eco Garden

Trolley raccoglitutto portasacco carry cart Eco Garden The original raccoglitutto trolley (leaves, grass, paper, etc.). Antioxidant aluminium frame unalterable in time. Can...

5 Gardena Garden mobil: Versatile trolley for the garden, with integrated...

Versatile: The garden carriage can be used as a sackcarrow and collecting garden waste Lots of storage space: With integrated trash...

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